The house of Sinterklaas

The house of SinterklaasSinterklaas, it’s a dutch tradition. There has been a lot of publicity in the news lately about Sinterklaas. But were not going to talk about all the negative news about Sinterklaas. Who and what is Sinterklaas? Sinterklaas is a tradition that were celebrating for a lot of years. Sinterklaas and the zwarte pieten are coming from Spain by boat with a lot of presents for al the children in the Netherlands. Every child believes that Sinterklaas gives them all the presents, but actually the percents do. Sinterklaas arrives in november and from then on all the children are going crazy, it’s an whole experience for them. To keep them dreaming about Sinterklaas and give them an experience every year, parents and other organizations are putting a lot of effort in the Sinterklaas experience.

Last week I was shopping in Breda and I saw: ‘Het Huis Van Sinterklaas’, this means: ‘Sinterklaas House’. They created a place where children can meet Sinterklaas.

2013-11-21 12.31.45It is an old shop which is not used anymore, so now they use it as Sinterklaas House. While Sinterklaas and the Zwarte Pieten are in the Netherlands he needs a place to stay, so they created this house. There is a kitchen, working place, sleeping place and a place to meet Sinterklaas.

Children can visit this place and meet Sinterklaas, but another thing that they can do is bake pepernoten, pepernoten is a candy everyone eats in the Sinterklaas time.

For Children the Sinterklaas time is a time of one big experience. It’s a big dream for children, they really want to meet Sinterklaas him selves. Sinterklaas knows everything about all the children in the world, this makes the child feel special.
It is cool because the children actually can meet Sinterklaas, normally they can see Sinterklaas on tv, but now in real life.

Future growth potential?
There has been a lot of publicity in the news lately about Sinterklaas. Maybe there is something going to change in the Sinterklaas tradition. So maybe in a few years those kind of Sinterklaas houses wil not be used anymore.

2013-11-21 12.31.352013-11-21 12.31.58


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